Testimonials from our Josephian Alumni

I am grateful that I could pursue my interest in the Visual Arts in SJI. Although the IB Visual Arts course is highly demanding, the space that SJI provided me to develop and grow helped me realise that art is something I really want to do. I had the freedom to decide what I wanted my pieces to be about. Through the course, I discovered how to turn simple ideas into subtle yet complex pieces. I made the most amazing friends in Art Class and had the best of guidance under Mrs Vivian Tan and Mr Micheal Ee. Looking back, there is no other subject I would rather have taken.

- Nicholas Tan, IB Class of 2021

To leave the place a little better than we found it. However big or small, Josephians will go out of their way to make their unique difference to our society. SJI's unique approach to holistic learning creates many opportunities for one to serve and give back to their community, from class committees to prefects and for me, that was in our Pelandok scouting and venturing CCA. Our camps, activities and volunteer work will always have that added layer of comradery and brotherhood, which motivates you to go the extra mile. I learnt to go the extra mile for my studies, to go the extra mile for my friends, juniors and teachers and to go the extra mile for myself. By being in such an environment, it was only natural to go the extra mile for others and I have no doubt that the next generation of Josephians will leave the world a little better than they found it.

- Nicholas Yee, IB Class of 2021

Being a part of the Dragonboat Exco was one of my biggest SJI blessings. I found a community within the team and was able to step out of my comfort zone thanks to the rest of the Exco. It didn’t matter which CCAs we came from as we all came to learn to work with each other. I realised how much effort it takes to manage a team but it made it more meaningful that the Exco were able to overcome challenges together. We may not have had the same opportunities as our seniors to participate in competitions but I left with good memories and even stronger attachment to the SJI family.

- Cathlyn Wong, IB Class of 2021

EETOKIA was a very stressful period for me as the workload seemed to never end. However, through this experience, I have truly learnt what it means to be an independent learner; it improved my time management skills and provided me with a sense of responsibility for my work. It also taught me the significance of taking breaks and prioritizing my mental health to avoid burnout. Most importantly, this experience instilled in me the value of community. From proof-reading each other's work to simply sitting together and lamenting about our assignments, the SJI community was my support during this stressful period. Together, we grew as a community, which is an experience I deeply cherish.

- Clara Nai, IB Class of 2021

I will always remember my experience serving in the Student Council. It is always a privilege to serve and the Student Council provided me with such a great opportunity to do so. Life as a councillor was tough. You will have to deal with added responsibilities, higher expectations, all while juggling academics and personal life. Yet that was what made me enjoy the journey the most because every obstacle became a challenge that pushed me and helped me grow. However, the most important takeaway from my time as a councillor was also what kept me going despite the most difficult of challenges. It was the friends I made in Council. Don't you forget that you will be working with many other amazing individuals who have also chosen to step up and serve the community. As long as you have the heart to serve, no problem will be too big for the council to overcome. It was not an easy journey but I would be willing to do it all over again.

- Nathanael Sutjiutama, IB Class of 2021

My favourite part about SJI was always the diversity of extracurricular programmes offered. With no restrictions on the number of creativity CASes one can sign up for, my six creativity CASes were a big part of my time in SJI. Six sounds like a lot to commit to, but I never saw them as drudgery; rather, they were avenues to learn both niche and broadly-applicable skills, interact with like-minded peers and test myself through competitions. For the ambitious high-flyers already looking to the future, be assured that SJI creativity CASes will give you an impressive portfolio that stands out. The ability to have multiple CASes allows for a diversity of achievements that few schools can offer. More importantly, I've always felt that JC should be an integral part of identity and character building, and it was through creativity CASes that I really found myself. Like many other Josephians, I signed up for CASes with the intent of portfolio-building; however, SJI creativity CASes gifted me so much more than that. Sacrificing large chunks of my holidays for case competitions and MUN might not seem all that fun, but those late night discord calls and lunchtime meetings have formed some of my strongest friendships and fondest memories.

- Sim Khok Yee, IB Class of 2022

While serving in the Student Council as I completed the IB programme, I came to appreciate how SJI was a place where I could be uncertain, where I could determine where I would allow my interests to bring me and where I could confidently be myself. I did not always have the answers to the challenges that came, but I always had the support of many around me, cheering me on while helping me find where my voice truly lay. Particularly, while serving in the Student Council, I came to see how our collective school experience was, in a large part, up to us to create. Seniors planned the Orientation programme for juniors, juniors prepared care packs for seniors and together, we always came to celebrate the events that made school special. For me, SJI will always be a place where each of us - unique as we are - bring something special - an interest, a talent, or a gift - and where together we create something more to share.

- Koon Wei Pheng, IB Class of 2022

As someone whose strength does not lie in English, I found the numerous writing assignments in IB challenging. While I had previously only written essays and other texts in humanities subjects, in IB I had to write in all subjects, including maths and the sciences. I struggled at first, and had to go back to the basics and start learning from scratch. At the end of my IB journey, I had learned how to be more concise and clear in my writing. This experience also taught me the importance of being humble and asking for help when needed. In hindsight, I am grateful that I stepped out of my comfort zone and challenged myself in this area, as it has helped me grow significantly. I couldn't have achieved this growth on my own, though; the support of my friends and teachers was also crucial. I am forever grateful to these lifelong friends, as they made the difficult IB coursework more bearable.

- Pauline Ongchan, IB Class of 2022

Being a part of the UPSTAR Tuition CAS EXCO in the last two years of my SJI journey has been both a blessing and valuable experience. Teaching and building rapport with my tutees have been an enriching and enjoyable experience that has granted me a chance to develop as a person and takes my mind off the heavy workload of the academic curriculum. Other than my CAS, I have my fellow schoolmates and teachers to thank for supporting me through this stressful period, be it the simple cheerful greetings in the morning or guidance in my assignments. In SJI, the going might get tough, but you will never walk alone. After I graduated, people often asked “What does SJI mean to me?” To me, SJI is a place where people have journeyed together with me and one that I will always hold close to my heart.

- See Hou Yuen, IB Class of 2022

One of my most memorable service experiences is facilitating weekly Arts and Craft sessions for the elderly as a member of BEACON. Despite feeling fatigued after long school hours, it was rewarding to see the happy expressions of the elderly, knowing that our efforts in conducting such activities made their day. To me, this experience not only reaped friendships between generations but friendships among all members who put aside their differences and worked together for this project. Such experiences have illuminated the values of empathy, friendship, and kindness in my SJI journey, crafting some of the most pivotal memories I hold dear since graduating from junior college.

- See Hou Yuen, IB Class of 2022

A really memorable part of my journey as a Josephian would be my time spent as the captain of SJI's ultimate frisbee. Looking back at our training sessions in the blistering heat or muddy rains (no lightning warning), I start to realise how bonded our team grew in this short period of time. As a team we covered each other's weaknesses and gave peer advice not just on the sport but also in our academic lives. Getting through the rigorous IB course could not have been better without the support of my teammates. In the heat of competition we also showed our teams spirit and won the best spirit award. I am proud to have served as the captain of SJIs ultimate frisbee team and will do it over and over again :)

- Nigel Sim, IB Class of 2022