Global Education Programme

About the Programme

GEP provides Year 5 Josephians with opportunities for physical challenges, cultural engagement and community service outside Singapore. The aim is for students to acquire the knowledge base and understanding of global issues and develop skills to take action towards creating a better world. The programme embraces both SJI and IB’s vision of developing caring global citizens who will be a catalyst for change and to make a difference to the world.

In addition, the GEP leverages on the innovative programmes and dynamic learning environments which the IB programme offers for an easy and effective alignment to SDGs challenging Josephians to make a significant impact on the SDGs. Through the Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) programme, students are challenged to make a difference in the lives of others.

International Trips

Our end-of-year trips allow our Year 5 students to travel to various countries in the region and learn more about their cultures as well engage themselves in various unique and fulfilling experiences


Organised by our school, CURA is an online international exchange program focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Students from schools across the globe come together to share unique and interesting ideas to target current and future issues which the world may face

Exchange Programme

SJI regularly hosts exchange programmes with students from across the globe, such as from Japan, Israel, Kazakhstan and many more countries, which allow our students to interact and gain unique perspectives from peers around the world and hence increasing their global awareness

Join Us on Our Field Trips in 2023!

Join our Josephians vicariously on our various field trips to different countries in 2023!

Binh Phuoc, Viet Nam

The Global Education Programme trip to Binh Phuoc, Vietnam, offered Josephians the opportunity to explore a new culture and engage in meaningful service activities. Collaborating with the Frogsleap Foundation, Josephians installed solar panels in the Minh Tam commune, addressing the community's electricity challenges in a self-sustaining manner. This initiative provided opportunities for cultural exchange and a deeper understanding of local struggles. In addition, donations of English books and stationery were made to Minh Tam Secondary School, supporting the students’ education. This GEP facilitated cultural immersion through interactions with Vietnamese students from the local community and the Frogsleap Foundation, breaking down cultural barriers. Josephians also explored Ho Chi Minh City, experiencing the contrast between urban and rural Vietnam. Visits to iconic landmarks deepened their connection with history, culture, and architecture. Beyond tangible outcomes, the GEP trip fostered personal and collective growth, cultivating a sense of global-mindedness in Josephians as they grow to become men and women for others.

Hear from our students

This GEP to Binh Phuoc was an eye-opening experience for me. Partnering with Frogsleap Foundation to install solar panels and lights in the homes of the less privileged made us empathise with them and understand their living conditions. This opportunity helped us understand the resilience of the Vietnamese citizens in carrying out everyday activities even if they lack basic necessities that we have difficulties living without. This trip also allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of Vietnamese culture such as their dance, music and even their traditional sewing techniques. This experience was definitely one that we will never forget! I am so grateful to have been part of this wonderful GEP and am looking forward to the new batches of Y5s having similarly great experiences in the years to come.

Sumugan, 2023 Year 5 Student

Chiang Mai, Thailand

For the Chiangmai Sustainability GEP Trip, we experienced life in a rural Eco-Village on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, doing light construction work such as learning how to use natural materials, such as mud to form bricks and build it in houses for the surrounding community. We were also fascinated in the cooking of Pad Thai and were exposed to seed bombing, which was a tactic used to give back to the nature that fed us. These experiences helped us to develop ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually, learning the values of service, community and empathy while being open to experiencing the local culture and traditions. Through our work, we were thrilled in making a positive impact on the lives of others and take our first step into developing the ASEAN Spirit and being part of the ASEAN Community.

Hear from our students

Embarking on a school trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand, proved transformative as I was exposed to the great important of sustainability in our society. Witnessing the city's eco-conscious initiatives, community-led conservation projects such as sustainable building, instilled a profound appreciation for sustainable living. Engaging with local experts and participating in hands-on activities, I learnt to appreciate environmental preservation and community well-being. The vibrant culture of Chiang Mai left an incredibly moving impression on me and I learnt to view the world and ecosystem in a completely different way. This eye-opening experience not only broadened my global perspective but inspired me form a personal commitment to champion sustainability in my own life and community.

Sasha, 2023 Year 5 Student

Ha Noi, Viet Nam

During this Vietnam GEP trip, we explored the mountainous town of Sapa and Vietnam's capital, Hanoi. The first leg of the trip took place in Sapa, where we engaged in fruitful service learning activities at a local school, interacted with locals while hiking, and slept in a traditional homestay in the mountains. This rural experience taught many of us to never take our circumstances for granted and the importance of humility. The next leg of the trip in Hanoi took on a more reserved stance, exposing us to the cultural aspects of Vietnam. We visited Hoa Lo prison, several Pagodas in the city, and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. During this educational tour, we learnt how to appreciate other cultures, respecting their traditions and customs. Overall, the trip allowed people to bond and persevere with each other through an experience which forced us out of our comfort zones in an unfamiliar but beautiful country.

Hear from our students

The GEP excursion to Sapa, Hanoi, was definitely the highlight of my November! We trekked through the mountain trails and immersed ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere of a local primary school. It is incredible how easy it is to overlook the differences in education, yet, in the simplicity of our interactions, we discovered a universal thread binding us all. What seemed like mere muddy treks next to rice paddies for us were everyday commutes and livelihoods for the local people, making me realise the privilege we often take for granted. I am so grateful for the opportunity to embark on this GEP trip with my friends, allowing me to have a fruitful experience.

Maximillian, 2023 Year 5 Student

Bangkok, Thailand

During our GEP trip, we undertook several projects at the La Salle Bamboo School. We painted murals on the walls of the canteen, assisted in constructing mushroom huts, and built bamboo walls for their assembly hall. We organised a Sports Day for the children at the Bamboo School, and had fun playing games such as football and musical chairs with them. Additionally, we went sightseeing to attractions like the Three Pagodas Pass and the Mon Bridge. There was also one day where we hiked to a local village to distribute food and clothing to the residents. We also had nights of cultural exchange with the students from the Blue Sky school, where we had fun learning traditional Burmese and Thai dances. The trip was a blend of meaningful contributions and enjoyable interactions, creating lasting memories for all involved.

Hear from our students

The Bamboo School allowed me to connnect with teenagers who cross the Myanmar daily for education. I helped in cutting, shaving and sanding bamboo down, learning first-hand how it is used as building material. I was also allowed to assist building three huts where mushrooms will grow for students. It warmed my heart to form friendships with the children at the School and allowed me to be grateful. My favourite moment of the trip was the night sky, where we could see the outline of the milky way due to the low light pollution, that made the trip an unforgettable experience.

Joseph, 2023 Year 5 Student

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

SJI's Global Education Programme brought our students to the La Salle Pouthum School in Cambodia. Our students planned and organised various lessons and games for the students of the school, living amongst the fellow brothers who run the school there free of charge. Our students had the opportunity to see the students there who come from less fortunate backgrounds, which was truly an eye-opener. Students were also able to experience some of Cambodia's culture and history through learning some of their traditional dances as well as the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, where they got a glimpse into life under the Khmer Rouge regime. Overall, it was a fulfilling and eye-opening 7 days for our students as they had the opportunity to experience this once in a life time opportunity

Hear from our students

To sum up the Cambodia experience in a phrase would be eye opening. Despite the language barrier, my favourite part of the trip was interacting with the children, learning Khmer from them as well as playing football! They really felt like younger brothers and sisters in our Lasallian family. Another key moment in this trip was walking down the river at night and seeing the livelihood of the Cambodians- street foods, street games and upbeat atmosphere. These experiences really got me to empathise with how a vast majority of global population lives. Overall there was a really good balance of culture, contentment and calm, a 10/10 GEP trip!

Horatius, 2023 Year 5 Student

Taipei, Taiwan

‘Sabau!’ meaning ‘hello’, is a familiar Taiwanese Rukai tribe greeting to the Josephians who went for this Global Experience Programme (GEP). In this GEP trip to Tainan, Taiwan, Josephains were provided with a multifaceted exploration of Taiwan's cultural and educational landscape through visiting different schools of different education levels. At Evergreen Lily Elementary School, tasked with planning activities for the students and elderly from the Rukai and Paiwan tribes, Josephians had the opportunity to understand how these villages integrate education and cultural heritage protection into their curriculum. During the visit to National Tainan Second Senior High School, Josephians followed similar-aged Taiwanese students around to experience a day in the life of a high school student in Taiwan. As classes were conducted in Chinese, our students’ comprehension abilities were put to the test, providing a unique experience unlike in Singapore. All in all, this was an invaluable and unforgettable eye-opening experience which allowed Josephians to step out of their comfort zone to learn and grow from the rich Taiwanese culture.

Hear from our students

My GEP experience in SJI was remarkable as each day in Taiwan brought forth new adventures! We visited Pingtung, where we delved into activities such as yam planting, invigorating hikes and a heartwarming homestay with the locals. Upon reaching Tainan, we explored the Pingtung University campus and engaged in a captivating coffee-making course, where we experimented with latte art. The following day at Tainan Second Senior High School, we attended classes and participated in extracurricular activities with our new Taiwanese classmates and shared our educational and cultural differences with each other. Overall, I am immensely grateful to SJI for the GEP experience as this is something I will forever hold close to my heart!

Joelle, 2023 Year 5 Student

Chiangmai, Thailand

The trip to Chiang Mai enabled us Josephians to have a better understanding of conservation efforts for the elephants. Collaboration with the ChiangChill elephant sanctuary gave us the opportunity to view the elephants up close and understand the broader ecosystem in Thailand. We were also given the opportunity to interact with the local Karen people and learn about their culture, along with how they help to take care of the elephants through service work such as farming. All in all, the trip was an enriching experience for us and it deepened our knowledge of a foreign culture and helped us understand the importance of animal conservation.

Hear from our students

My trip to the elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai was definitely one of the most memorable experiences of my life. From hiking through the forests of Thailand to laughing with friends at campfires, there were many takeaways from the trip. I am grateful to have been able to understand more about elephants and what we can do to play our part to help these animals, especially since so much of the abuse that they go through is not known to the general public. Overall, the trip helped me understand more about the important role that elephants play in Thai culture, while having the opportunity to create new memories and experience new things.

Ying Yi, 2023 Year 5 Student