Faith Formation

SJI Catholic Programme

All Catholic students who join the school are invited to participate in FIDEI, a Catholic programme that comprises:
F – (being in a) Fellowship community (weekly 1 hour sessions);
I – (gaining) Insights into the Faith (through the weekly sessions);
D – (having) Devotion to prayer (every morning 20 min before school begins);
E – Evangelisation through service (outreach service projects);
I – Intimacy with the Lord (annual Retreats)

Through FIDEI, the school provides its Catholic students with an experience of Church on a more personal level through small fellowship communities.

Through fellowship in the context of a faith community, the Catholic student through FIDEI learns the importance of prayer, discovers insights into the Catholic Faith through mini input sessions and will have the opportunity to be the face of Christ to another person through direct acts of service.

The Catholic Experience


As a Catholic school of choice, students and staff experience God in their daily encounters at school. From our daily morning prayers held in our holy sanctuary, the Chapel, to our celebrated masses at the start of major school events such as Founder’s Day, these faith experiences nurture our hearts, minds and soul. There are also quiet, reflective experiences such as our retreats, and physical spaces like the labyrinth and the sitting water features, to allow for quiet time with God amidst the business of our lives.


We believe in nurturing men and women for others through many planned service experiences throughout the year. It is also our Catholic teachings that lie at the heart of our reflection sessions before, during and after the service experiences that allow us to nurture hearts that care for the last, the lost and the least. Our annual Lent Project, for instance, rallies the whole school to come together for various outreach initiatives in the spirit of rediscovering the true calling of Christ.


Our Josephians grow in their faith journey through the Josephian Formation Journey. We celebrate their growth and mark their significant milestones through paraliturgies. Through song, prayer, scripture and reflective conversations, these activities allow them to take stock of what they have achieved, and to consider the possibilities that lie before them as Josephians.