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The Badminton CAS engages its members, fostering their skill development and a love for the sport. With a dedicated coach's guidance and mentorship, this activity becomes a platform for beginners to explore the nuances of Badminton, refining their techniques and enhancing their agility. Due to the non-competitive nature of this CAS, this setting encourages bonding and camaraderie, and a relaxed approach makes it an ideal avenue for nurturing budding players. It promises a thrilling exploration, honing skills while relishing the joy of play. Hence, this recreational pursuit not only cultivates regular physical fitness, but also instills a sense of sportsmanship, laying a strong foundation for a lifelong passion for Badminton.

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Our basketball team, which was created not too long ago, engages in the spirit of the Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) program, epitomizing the school's commitment to holistic development. This dynamic group seamlessly blends athleticism with character-building, fostering teamwork and resilience. Through rigorous practices and taking part in tournaments such as NSG and SPBL, the players not only refine their basketball skills but also cultivate qualities such as discipline, leadership, and sportsmanship. As a vital component of the CAS curriculum, the basketball team embodies the institution's ethos, imparting life lessons beyond the court. Their commitment to excellence in both sport and character exemplifies the transformative impact of CAS here at St. Joseph's Institution.

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Athletics consists of 4 divisions—Sprints, Jumps, Throws and Cross Country (XC). We are a bonded and dedicated community aimed at nurturing a passion for Track and Field sports, improving our own fitness levels and reaching new heights.

We are trained by committed coaches who focus a lot on discipline. Their wealth of experience in providing individualised training regimens, technical guidance and recovery advice ensures all our athletes will flourish whilst being in the best shape possible.

Athletics is open to people of all levels, whether aspiring sprinters, seasoned runners or simply someone eager to learn more. With consistent dedication and hard work, you will definitely discover a new interest to excel in!

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Our Dance CAS caters to all dancers of all levels, including those with zero prior experience (like me hehe).

From us you can learn to dance or further refine your skill from an experienced coach and you will have multiple opportunities to perform. Most importantly, you will be able to bond with like minded individuals during and outside of CAS hours :)

While our coaches mostly teach easy to learn choreographies and techniques like Hip hop, other dance styles and choreographies are welcomed for performances apart from the Teacher's Day Performance that should be arranged by the Dance Instructor.

Chances to perform include Lunchtime Jam, Teacher's Day, collaborations with other CAS etc

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Dragon Boat

SJI Dragon Boat is a CAS where Josephians’ resilience and mental fortitude are nurtured through a sport driven by camaraderie and discipline.

The athletes spend their extra-curricular hours pushing themselves in gritty yet gratifying land and water training sessions weekly, endeavouring to enhance their physical abilities while bringing forth their best as a team.

On 27 May 2023, the team participated in the National School Games, with the Girls' Team attaining Second Runners' Up, and the Boys' Team clinching 1st Runners' Up with a personal best timing for the CAS. This accomplishment was an embodiment of the team's grit and resolve as steadfast and disciplined athletes.

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Football (BOYS)

Football is a supportive sporting community where anyone can pursue their passion for the sport. It is the best way to relieve your stress from the high demands of the IB program. Our training sessions are intense, requiring good stamina and strength.

Our CAS is full of easygoing and friendly people, be it the coaches, teachers, or players—all ready to guide you to reach your highest potential. What makes our CAS special is the bond we have on and off the pitch. We create memories and experiences you will never forget and friendships you will cherish forever. We are friendly but also competitive and driven, helping each other improve day in, day out.

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Football (GIRLS)

Women’s soccer is a CAS that welcomes all girls from all backgrounds, whether with prior experience or not. The engaging training sessions allow us to forge friendships and grow together as a tight-knit community. While training is always filled with laughter and jokes, we learn when to be serious and disciplined, laughing when appropriate, listening when required. Soccer teaches us resilience, friendship and sportsmanship amidst the hardships and losses. Supporting each other and guided by our passion for the sport, we strive to not just win medals, but win the hearts of our teammates and schoolmates as well as find enjoyment in this well known sport!

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SJI Hockey hones in on both teamwork and individual skill, consistently churning out conglomerates of competent competitors year after year. We focus on mastering the fundamentals of hockey and creating tactically sound players that thrive in a system.

Our team aims to return to the zenith of this zoetic sport as previous generations of St. Joseph's Hockey have once done. We welcome inexperienced individuals with a knack for fitness and a keenness to learn this sport.

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Ultimate Frisbee

The Ultimate Frisbee CAS strongly believes that the spirit of the team should come first. As such, SJIU occasionally goes out as a CAS to have fun together while simultaneously bonding with one another in order to form stronger bonds as well as to understand each other better. Dinners after training and sometimes outings to the beach all play a part in getting us to become closer to one another so as to build a stronger team.

In late May this year, the year 5 frisbee girls were given the opportunity to take part in the Inter-JC competition for frisbee, alongside their teammates from year 6. Despite this being the first competition that the year 5s could compete in, they demonstrated astounding collaboration and determination — cheering each other on from the sidelines, refilling each other’s bottles and giving constructive feedback to one another in between points. Despite losing the competition, the team managed to clinch the Spirit Award, awarded to team for their sportsmanship on the field. The competition was an essential milestone for the team’s journey, not only in terms of strengthening their skills, but also in fortifying their relationships with one another.

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SJI volleyball is a recreational CAS that offers a nurturing environment to develop members’ volleyball skill, sportsmanship and physical fitness level. The training sessions develop basic skills such as bumping, serving and setting. This CAS is aimed towards students passionate about volleyball who are beginners. Our core objective is not only to advance our member’s skill level but also their teamwork and camaraderie. Our sessions have a balance between playtime and drills, making sessions all the more enjoyable. With our holistic approach, members can be sure to have developed basic volleyball skills and a greater understanding and appreciation for volleyball.

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