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Beacon is a Service CAS that promotes student agency and empowers Josephians to proactively seek and cultivate connections with members of society. As part of Beacon, members not only contribute to community initiatives but also immerse themselves in contemporary societal issues.

Last year, we engaged in several activities in school to raise funds and awareness for our chosen beneficiary, Friends of the Disabled Society, through Concert Agape, an end of year charity concert, and Splash for Impact, a car wash event. In addition, Beacon members partook in smaller scale meaningful fundraiser projects such as the annual bake sale where they sold baked goods to their batch mates.

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BLOODay is a school-based service CAS dedicated to spreading awareness about blood donation. The CAS is also responsible for holding biannual blood donation drives in partnership with the Singapore Red Cross, which provides the school community with a chance to take the initiative in becoming blood donors. This seemingly simple act of donating one bag of blood can mean life or death to someone in need. Members of the BLOODay CAS are tasked with encouraging the community to donate blood through the use of their unique talents. For example, our artistically inclined students helped design eye-catching posters and videos to encourage their schoolmates and teachers alike to become agents in our cause. Additionally, these posters and videos served as reminders and provided important information to donors.

On the other hand, outspoken students can help with skits and promotional announcements to help engage and excite the student body and staff alike of this meaningful event.

BLOODay exhibited commendable progress throughout 2023. The August blood drive collected 50 bags of blood which was a noteworthy improvement from the preceding April blood drive, during which 34 bags of blood was collected. The exco facilitated seamless communication with the Singapore Red Cross, ensuring the blood drive would run smoothly on the day itself. The diligence displayed by our student volunteers from the various sub-committees such as publicity, and their assiduous efforts, played an indispensable role in ensuring the unfaltering success of the blood drive despite the many challenges in the process.

If you have a keen interest in helping to support this meaningful cause and want to play an active role in community engagement, the BLOODay CAS is definitely for you!

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C3 ACE Programme for Youths

ACE is a CAS dedicated to service at its core. Our partnering organisation, C3, works with students to create and host events that bless the lives of the less-privileged. C3 ACE’s beneficiaries include children, the youth and the elderly, allowing students to step out of their comfort zone into these people’s lives and blessing them through volunteering work. Here are some service opportunities our members have participated in.

First, the volunteers and the children visited the ArtScience Museum, followed by a stroll through Marina Bay Sands and a McDonald's lunch. As the children come from low-income backgrounds, their limited outing opportunities made this day special for them. Witnessing their interaction with art through technology was very heartening. This experience underscores the potential for volunteers to connect with the broader community, making a positive impact through shared moments of delight.

Part of the dumpling festival celebrations, our team created a video documenting the history of the dumpling festival for the elderly, followed by a short quiz to engage them. Subsequently, we hosted an origami arts and craft mini-competition with prizes going to the best ones. We finished off the event with a groovy busking session where the elderly danced along energetically to the tunes. At the end of the event, we gave all the elderly zong-zi, sticky rice dumplings for them to enjoy.

As part of the Youth TAT project, we bonded with youths ranging from 14 to 17 years old, keeping them company through mobile games. The eye-opening experience exposed us to youths from various backgrounds. With new friendships forged with these youths, this project gave us a sense of fulfilment.

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kidsREAD is a National Library Board reading programme where SJI partners with Bendemeer Primary School. The SJI volunteers run weekly activities to promote the love of reading and cultivate good reading habits among young students, especially those from lower income families. Join us, and spend an hour each week meaningfully to make a positive impact!

SJI volunteers receive Zoom training by NLB, followed by weekly in-person sessions at Bendemeer Primary. Each session includes a lead volunteer reading to the students. Then, SJI volunteers facilitate book-related activities in small groups.

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Lasallian Youth

Lasallian Youth aims to improve the lives of children from less fortunate backgrounds through Lasallian mentorship, education and emotional support. This CAS is the beacon of servant leadership for its members, as it provides its members with discipline and nurtures their willingness to serve. Members commit weekly to small group based sessions, which provide the mentors and mentee with a platform to communicate, and for the mentors to provide guidance and companionship. Lasallian Youth provides its members with opportunities to plan, organise and execute different sessions, which helps develop their creativity and discipline.

The weekly sessions give mentors the ability to be present for children who need their support, and give them an insight into the lives of the underprivileged in Singapore. Mentors will be able to nurture their empathy, and better understand the importance of helping those in need, in the hopes that they are encouraged to continue serving the less fortunate.

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Paper Bridges

Paper Bridges, a Service CAS, is dedicated to youth empowerment through letter writing. We aim to provide love and support to underprivileged children worldwide and locally. Our established relationships with overseas organizations offer a unique opportunity to make a global impact.

In 2023, our Story in a Letter project added depth. Volunteers, including SJI students and Hindi beneficiaries, collaborated to break language barriers and create short stories, inspiring young children to express their creativity through writing. Locally, we've partnered with hospitals, writing letters to young patients and sending words of encouragement from SJI students. Join Paper Bridges for a meaningful journey connecting hearts globally and making a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged children.

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PRISM’s core objective is to participate in social enterprises that develops members’ entrepreneurial skills and initiate social enterprise events that make a positive impact on the community.

Catalyst 2023, an annual social entrepreneurship conference, was a testament to PRISM’s success this year. Catalyst aims to expose students to successful and innovative entrepreneurs as they share their strategies and business practices. The theme for Catalyst 2023 was 'The ASEAN Way,' a timely alignment with the school's core focus for the year —ASEAN literacy. The conference showcased an esteemed panel of speakers, comprising distinguished entrepreneurs from ASEAN, namely Oliver Tian, James Pang, Ada Lim, Edwin Koh, Victor Tan, and Melvin Ng. Their insightful sharings profoundly enriched the participants' understanding of entrepreneurship within the context of ASEAN.

PRISM continued with its strong track record of annual competition wins in 2023. This year, SJI boasts two winners in separate competitions for their projects. In February, PRISM participated in the GIC ‘Make FinLIT’ Video Competition, a financial education competition based on GIC's five investment principles in managing Singapore's foreign reserves. PRISM Team Plutus clinched the Best Visual Editing and Effects award in the finals. In March, PRISM also participated in the annual Young Trailblazers Competition, an innovation competition based on the 6 pillars of the ForwardSG vision, where students are tasked with solving real world problems as social entrepreneurs. Team Midas clinched the Most Sustainable Project Award in the finals.

PRISM takes great pride in its commitment to sustainable entrepreneurship. Building upon its initiatives from 2022, Climate X SJI sets forth an objective of collecting 4,000 plastic bottles monthly. This project not only aims to facilitate recycling but also to inculcate the ethos of environmental responsibility among Josephians—a significant effort in advancing our ever-evolving circular economy.

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YoungXHush is a creativity and service CAS with the aims of championing mental health through the use of sign language. In line with our mother organisation, Hush TeaBar, we aim to provide a safe and silent space here in SJI. We organise CAS sessions where we discuss topics pertaining to mental health as well as introduce basic Singapore Sign Language to our members.

During the pandemic, we have continued to hold sessions online, engaging with Hush TeaBar when possible to collaborate with them. We organise yearly Transit and Belong Sessions aiming to support and facilitate a smooth transition into secondary school for the Year 1s

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Ventures is an Interschool and interdisciplinary CAS that welcomes all no matter where they come from and scouting experience that they have. We aim to prolong the scouting spirit in our members via a large range of activities planned by the Venture Exco. From activities such as Outdoor cooking to hikes and pioneering activities, Members can look forward to a plethora of engaging and enriching activities that challenges one to step out of their comfort zone and provides opportunities for them to develop practical skills that would help when facing life’s challenges. Additionally, Ventures provides many opportunities for its members to develop as leaders as there are several events that members can lead and help plan, which will allow Ventures to grow as leaders.

Ventures may also pursue the President Scout Award (PSA), which is the highest award that a Venture can receive. The PSA is given to Ventures who display exemplary competencies in skills and the drive to embody the Scouting spirit in their lives.

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