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In the Astronomy Club, we combine theoretical learning with practical stargazing. Theoretical sessions cover topics such as celestial mechanics, planetary astronomy, and cosmology. Members engage in discussions to enhance their understanding of astronomical concepts. We also include more engaging activities such as watching astronomy related movies or doing Kahoot quizzes. Stargazing sessions provide hands-on experience using telescopes to observe planets and stars. The club is a platform for enthusiasts to explore astronomy in a structured manner, gaining insights into observational techniques and astronomical phenomena. Aside from school-related activities, we also get to meet the astronomy club in other schools to get to share our knowledge and passion for Astronomy. The Astronomy Club is a factual and educational community that emphasizes knowledge and observation of the cosmos.

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Coding & Technology

The Coding and Technology CAS fosters digital and technological literacy, welcoming both beginners and experts alike. Sessions are typically conducted on a weekly basis and cover a range of diverse topics. In 2023, some of these topics included game development, data science, cybersecurity and web design.

Designed to be beginner-friendly, the CAS aims to be a conducive and supportive environment for students to explore novel areas in coding and technology at their own pace. Members are able to enjoy hand-on learning and collaborative projects with a casual atmosphere, free to unleash their creativity.

The Coding and Technology CAS also encourages members to actively participate in workshops and competitions to hone their skillset. Members have participated in various competitions, reaping numerous achievements. These include best MVP and runner-up for Human Centric Design in DSTA Brainhack CODE_EXP, top 11 out of almost 100 teams nationwide in Cyberthon 2023, 2nd in the Advanced Youth Cyber Exploration Programme and 4th place in IDE Code Hacker.

Ultimately, the CAS not only equips students with practical skills but also instills a passion for technology, preparing them for a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Debate Society

The SJI Debate Club is a dynamic and intellectually engaging group that fosters critical thinking and effective communication skills among its members. Known for their eloquence and thoughtful arguments, members of the society actively participates in various debate competitions, showcasing the students’ prowess in articulating different perspectives on a wide variety of topics. Whether debating contemporary issues or honing rhetorical techniques, the SJI Debate Society plays a pivotal role in cultivating a culture of intellectual discourse within the school community.

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Ecology Club

In Ecology Club, we do not just explore the wildlife and environment, but also relevant global issues like sustainability. Our ad-hoc sessions provide our members with the opportunity to explore local flora and fauna through engaging ways such as a Scavenger Hunt and Picnic at Botanics Garden, and also to bring sustainability and upcycling to our own community through drives for old items.

We have plans for our very own garden at SJI, which would bring our sessions to a weekly basis. Additionally, we are currently working with a youth-initiated organisation, Romainder, to further improve the sustainability awareness in SJI.

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Film Club

SJI’s Film Club provides an array of unique and fun experiences for members to engage in fruitful learning experiences to gain the skills and techniques needed to create a literary masterpiece. Film Club engages in activities that will interest aspiring filmmakers of varying skill levels, from beginner to advanced. Film Club delivers workshops on the multiple aspects of filmmaking, as well as hands-on projects that require the filmers to apply what they have learned. Film Club also collaborates with numerous other CASes to engage in meaningful service projects. For example, in 2023, Film Club has collaborated with the SJI Literary Society in filming the original production “Who ____’ll Be” in support of the Children’s Wishing Well and Dementia Singapore, as well as with Beacon on Concert AGAPE, to raise funds for Riding for the Disabled Association.

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Literary Society

Literary Society, also known as LitSoc, is a place for all aspiring poets and writers to hone their craft and share it with other like-minded individuals. Experience is not required; all are welcome if you're passionate about the English language or creative writing — including prose, poetry, short stories, songwriting, and more!

Members can look forward to intellectually stimulating discussions about societal issues alongside opportunities to refine their writing skills. Throughout your journey here, you will be getting tips and feedback on your writing from our instructor through a poetry and creative writing workshop. Come on, pick up your pen and let your creative juices flow!

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Mathematics Club

the Mathematics Club is a place for students to cultivate their curiosity for mathematics and allows a platform for students to indulge in intriguing mathematical concepts and theories beyond the IB syllabus.

Apart from sharing sessions, the mathematics club also organises mathematics projects, such as games and enrichment activities, that benefit Josephians to foster interest in the subject, secondary and JC students alike. Members can look forward to intellectually stimulating discussions and mind baffling equations on abstract mathematical concepts, allowing members to refine mathematical thinking, problem solving skills, research skills and presentation techniques.

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Photography Club

In photography CAS, students use different lighting, framing and perspective techniques to photograph different subjects. At physical sessions, students learn how to apply these techniques to their photography and are given opportunities to practice these new skillsets by taking pictures around the school compound.

Furthermore, the CAS provides students with the opportunity to experience photography by taking pictures of school events, as well as participating in external competitions. In June 2023, SJI's Photography CAS members collaborated with the Intan Museum and Hotel INDIGO Singapore Katong to create a photographic exhibition that showcases the heritage and culture of Katong and Joo Chiat. Students in the photography CAS also helps to document school events such as Sports Day, Prom, Open House and many more. Allowing students to give back to the school community while capturing priceless moments.

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Rock-A-Cause, or RAC, is SJI’s musical independent band, solo or group performance CAS aimed at promoting the spread of the arts through SJI via performance within the school. Sessions are completely ad-hoc and there is no limit to how many groups can be formed, just the limit on the usage of the jam room per week. We encourage all forms of groups, such as classical, rock, pop, jazz etc, as long as you have an interest in performing music and are willing to put in the hours yourself to be an independent music maker, RAC is the place for you and your friends to be.

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Science Club

The Science Club an ad-hoc creativity CAS that engages members in practical experiments and expert talks. External professors and experts of their respective fields in science are invited to share insights and broaden the knowledge of students.The professors we have invited so far this year have given speeches on nanotechnology and superconductors. We typically conduct experiments found out of any of the 3 science syllabuses in order to bring a more engaging and interesting spin to them. Some experiments we conducted so far this year include electroplating using copper and a laminar flow. We create an environment where members explore and apply their scientific understanding in a meaningful way.Members joining the club also are able to collaborate their science notes and gain ideas for their respective scientific endeavours in their academics.They are also encouraged to suggest questions, experiments or talks in specific fields to further their experiences in this club.

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The Society of International and Current Affairs (SICA) focuses on discussing international issues and broadening members' global perspectives. We have been extensively involved in enriching Model United Nations (MUN) conferences and other events.

SICA members can strengthen their critical thinking, research, and public speaking skills when participating in MUN conferences. Most importantly, they broaden their global perspectives when attending these conferences along with various other events. Our members have also been called on to attend lectures and workshops by various government agencies, where they learned the complexities of tackling international relations and strengthening local and regional security.

Additionally, SICA offers various leadership opportunities to organise the annual SJIMUN as well as lead proactive dialogues during various events. Don't miss out on the opportunity to serve, lead, and learn!

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Welcome to Ukulele CAS! Within this nurturing environment, the focus extends beyond mere musical instruction it is a mistake-friendly place where students of all levels can learn how to play the ukulele. Led by passionate mentors, Ukulele CAS meticulously cultivates an atmosphere that prioritises a secure and supportive space for all students. Here, the journey of mastering the ukulele isn’t just about chords and melodies, it's about fostering an environment where errors are seen as stepping-stones to mastery, all within a framework of encouragement and guidance. The Ukulele CAS prides itself on its commitment to empathetic nature with every student, with every member having a chance to perform! We emphasise cooperation and camaraderie through our collaborative sessions and performances. This Ukulele CAS serves as a testament to the power of music in providing a nurturing, caring environment for students to not only learn a unique and portable instrument but also to cultivate essential life skills and a sense of community.

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Visual Arts Club

Visual Arts Club(VAC) is a Creativity CAS that allows students to have a time to relax, learn and do some simple art taught by our very own EXCO members after a busy day of studying. Every VAC session entails a different style and type of art, ranging from pencil drawings to watercolour painting to air-dry clay making, catering to the preferences of different students. Other than the once a week VAC sessions, we also take part in other service projects to reach out further into the school and the local community using our art. An example of this is the volunteering at Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital in August 2023, where we did origami and drawing together with some of the elderly patients there, as seen in the photograph on this board. Furthermore, we also collaborate with other CASes like BEACON and the Student Council, putting our specialties to use and helping out in wider school events. VAC aims to create a comfortable space for students to be able to discover and expand their creative and artistic capabilities, as well as to give them the opportunity to meet and interact with their schoolmates.

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